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Why can fast and easy credit be dangerous?

If you are looking for fast and easy credit, you will surely find it soon. The options offered by banks and finance are broad. The point is that before hiring any such loan, you need to pay attention to some important points and avoid making that decision on impulse.

The first question to ask is if you really need this money right now. Are you looking to buy something that can wait awhile or are you really in an emergency situation? This is the first consideration for fast credit seekers: it should only be taken in case of emergency.


Quick credit: where to find?

Quick credit: where to find?

Overdraft: This is the automatic credit that the bank can make available to the account holder, when he has no account balance to settle an expense that has just fallen. Once cleared by the bank, it is automatically triggered when the account goes into red.

Store credit card: Many physical and online department stores offer the option of making the network card at the time of closing the payment. It works as a credit card, parceling purchases.

ATM: Some account holders have a pre-approved personal credit that can be withdrawn in cash at their own ATM. Just pass the card, select the amount you want to borrow and take the money.

Internet banking: As with an ATM, personal credit can also be requested over the internet if the person has a pre-approved limit. The money goes into the account at the same time.

Financial: Usually sought by those who already have the dirty name, many promise to release the requested credit within 24 hours. The collateral requirement to get the loan is lower than that of banks, but this leads to higher interest charges than banks.

Loan shark: People who are detached from financial institutions not recognized by the Purest Bank who lend money without requiring much collateral. The interest charged, however, is very high, and you need to beware of moneylenders who end up chasing people who can’t pay their debt.


Quick credit: what are the advantages?

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  • Ease of access. Before long, the money is in your hands.
  • Saves skin in emergencies. In a time of trouble, when there is an unexpected expense, this type of credit can be very helpful.
  • Fewer demands. In general, all forms of fast credit require fewer guarantees that the borrower will actually be able to repay the installments.


Quick Credit: What are the disadvantages?

Quick Credit: What are the disadvantages?

  • High interest. There is no miracle! For the credit to be quick and easier to take, you need to pay a price for it. You need to be very careful about any abuses and also calculate if you can honor the commitment.
  • Lack of planning. Who needs to resort to a fast credit is because it was not previously planned for that purchase or even for life’s unforeseen events. The best option is always to save money instead of lending, and so what is there in the way: it takes planning.
  • Higher chance of getting more debt. The biggest difficulty of borrowing from lower interest banks is not for nothing. Institutions make an in-depth analysis of the income and expenses of those requesting the money to be able to identify whether or not the person will be able to pay the debt. If you are no longer able to take credit by normal means, it is worth considering whether you will even be able to repay this loan.


Quick Credit: What To Do Before You Hire It?

Quick Credit: What To Do Before You Hire It?

  • Understand (well) the conditions of the credit. Acting on impulse does not match borrowing. Know exactly how much you will borrow, how much you will pay, and how long to repay the installments. This information is valuable for you to plan and evaluate if it is worthwhile to get this debt right now.
  • Be wary of the facilities. The easier and more advantageous the offer seems, the greater the chance of a blow. No money for anyone. Be wary of proposals for lesser-known loan sharks and financials (no doubt, look into the institution authorized by the Purest Bank to lend).
  • Search for the name of the finance company in Procon and Complain Here. In Procon you can access the list of most complained companies and in Complain Here you can also see what other customers of that company are complaining about.
  • Save all advertising material. If you have any advertisements or business documents used by the sales clerk who sold you the proposal, it is important that you keep these papers with you. They are also documents to be fulfilled.
  • Read contracts before signing. It may seem silly, but many people sign contracts without knowing all their clauses. When in doubt, look for a lawyer or Procon himself, and once signed, keep a copy with you.
  • Find out about the conditions in case of delay. Many contracts provide for fines, interest and arrears in case of late payment of installments. Be aware of these conditions before taking the loan.
  • Unemployment insurance? Some companies offer this service. Please check to see if the conditions (cost and coverage) are worth it.