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What can I get from a mortgage loan?

An important question if you have the house of your dreams in mind: how much can I get a mortgage loan? How high the mortgage loan you can get depends on several factors. Of course we have researched which factors these are and how they affect this.

How much mortgage loan can I get with my salary?

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As you most probably already know, your salary is one of the factors that determines how high the mortgage loan can be. Do you want to buy a home together with your loved one? Then the joint income applies, with the lowest income only partly being counted. The gross income is taken into account, taking into account the following points:

This together is called the test income. For freelancers , the average income is calculated in order to calculate how high the mortgage loan is.

No permanent contract at work

Do you not have a permanent contract? At the moment it is fortunately possible with a temporary contract to get a mortgage loan, under certain conditions. You need a letter of intent from your employer.

This states that your employer has the intention to retain you as an employee. In order to determine how high the mortgage loan is that you can get maximum, your average income for the past 3 calendar years is taken into account.

Is your income of the last year lower than the average income? Then the income of the last year is assumed. This also applies if you have been seconded as a flex worker by an employment agency.

Key interest/mortgage loan interest

How high your maximum mortgage loan is, is also determined on the basis of the test or mortgage loan interest . You pay interest on the mortgage loan, which affects your expenses. A higher interest rate means that you have less to spend. Do you opt for a fixed-rate period of 10 years or longer?

Then the actual mortgage loan interest is calculated. With a shorter fixed interest period, a test interest rate is used, the amount of which is determined by the regulator on the financial market (AFM). But is the actual mortgage loan interest rate of your mortgage loan higher than the key interest rate? Then the actual mortgage loan interest is assumed.