Required documentation on loans.

If you have decided to apply for a loan or a loan, you should consider the following factors at the time of the application. As we mentioned in previous articles you should have made a loan comparison.

Online loan have been compared

Online loan have been compared

Once the different online loans have been compared, you can make the selection of the best loan according to the destination of the loan, its amount, your income and expenses. Making sure that you have reached the best decision after a process of study and analysis of the products offered by different lenders. You have studied your financial situation and make a reasoned and consistent decision.

At the time of selecting a credit you should keep in mind that it offers you the possibility of canceling it early with the minimum charges. Your finances can change and it is always advisable to advance the payment of the credit and proceed to its cancellation if it implies a saving in accrued interest.

Required documentation on loans and credits

Required documentation on loans and credits

What documents does the lender require when applying for credits?

The documents that we must provide will vary if we are self-employed or self-employed. Through these documents the lender will assess whether we meet the requirements demanded by it for the application and granting of the credit advertisements

Loans or loans for employed persons tend to be more easily granted by banks and the documents to be provided when applying for credit are the following :

  • National identity document or tax identification number.
  • Last payrolls justifying the borrower’s income.
  • We may be asked to provide proof of the type of contract and our seniority in the company.
  • Depending on the amount we may be required to declare income and assets.
  • Sometimes we can request a pro forma invoice of the good that we will acquire with the requested credit.

In the case of self-employed workers:

  • National identity document or tax identification number.
  • Our declaration of Patrimony and Income.
  • The declaration of the last VAT year.
  • As in the previous case and depending on the destination we can be asked to provide a pro forma invoice.

You have to keep in mind that the documents reviewed here are indicative of what credit institutions usually require when applying for credit, but that they may vary from one entity to another. The contribution of the documents does not entail the immediate granting of the loan. Consult with the entity selected at the time of the request.

This is an entry on a series of articles related to the generalities and characteristics of loans and credits where we try to bring the user information that we consider of great interest before applying for any of the types of loans that exist in the financial market.